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Timeshare Gran CanariaLike in any tourist areas you can also find timeshare holidays in Gran Canaria. Timeshare used to have a very bad name for the aggressive way holiday homes have been sold. But for some people timeshare is a very suitable way of enjoying a holiday in Gran Canaria.


What is timeshare?

Timeshare is buying a holiday house together with a lot of other people (Time shared). You can buy it for 1 week or 3, or much longer if you like. The costs of the house are shared by everyone who buys it, so you only pay for the cost of the time you want to be there every year. The costs are not depending on how many people are buying with you. There is a fixed price for a week for a certain house or apartment. Once you have payed off your share you will have a liftime quarantee for a holiday home. Beside the price of the apartment there is also a service charge for maintenance, cleaning, towels, gardening, pools etc.


The main reason why Timeshare has such a bad name is the sales technique. This can be very agressive. First you will be approached in a friendly way, in a pleasant environment. A nice conversation will be made. He/she may give you the feeling you get along very well personally. Sometimes little holidays, tours or dinners are given away. Slowly on you could be dragged into a smooth talk on how to get your own cheap holiday home. If you are strong enough to say no to this, the conversation may be getting more unpleasant.


Once a contract is signed it is hard to undo this and there is a time limitation for canceling the agreement. Most people wait for their holidays to be over and to get information in their homeland. But this might be to late. Often people regret their timeshare contract. But also a big part of the buyers are very happy with the deal.

Service Costs

If you are thinking about buying timeshare weeks in Gran Canaria do consider extra yearly costs for travelling and staying. Another thing is the (often high) service charge, that you have to pay every year. This could also become a big problem to people in financially difficult times.

Happy Timeshare

Some people are just very happy with their timeshare weeks. There are some very beautifull and luxurious complexes, especially at 'Anfi del Mar' in Arguineguin. Would you like a week vacation at this luxury complex? You could consider renting a week from an owner/member first.

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