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Gran Canaria Airport ArrivalsInformation on the Arrival terminal and up to date arrival times for Gran Canaria.




Arrival Hall

The arrival hall is on the ground floor of the passenger terminal. Passengers can get their information of digital screens at the entrance of the arrival hall and see at which carousel they can retrieve their baggage. The flight number and origin of the flight is also indicated above each baggage carousel. If you don´t see your luggage coming do not pass the security (border patrol) because you are not aloud to go back in. If necessary ask them where to find help.

The airlines are responsible for any financial or physical damage suffered by the passengers or their belongings during transport. In case of loss, damage or delay of luggage, passengers have to report the incident directly to the desk of the airline or handling agent. Do not leave the airport before you know which action they will take.

Gran Canaria Arrivals