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Las PalmasLas Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria. If you are planning your holiday to Gran Canaria it´s a good idea to plan a day trip to Las Palmas, the capital. Read here what to do.



Where is Las palmas?

Las Palmas is located in the most northern tip of Gran Canaria. Las Palmas is the largest city of Gran Canaria, and is also the capital. It is a vibrant city with a wonderful climate. Please note that because Las Palmas is located in the north of the island, the climate is really different from the south. Therefore bring a jacket or fleece.
The existence of Las Palmas started five centuries ago. In the neighborhoods Vegueta and Triana, the old colonial city, you can travel in time and experience some of the old times. Christopher Columbus has been there and has left his marks.

Directions Las Palmas

To get into the shopping area of Las Palmas follow directions Mesa y Lopez (Centro Commercial). You then have the possibility to park under El Corte Inglés. You can also follow Parque Santa Catalina to park under Museo Elder.

Do you want to go to Las Palmas by bus? From the bus station in Maspalomas/Faro take line 30 to San Telmo and / or Santa Catalina. From Mogan take line 1 to San Telmo or first line 32 to Faro bus station and switch to line 30 (quick line).

Shopping Las Palmas

Shopping Las PalmasLas Palmas has many shopping possibilities. Although there are a lot of shops all over the city the main shopping areas are divided in the old town and the newer shopping part more west side.

Some of the best shops and boutiques you will find in the historical street Triana. Triana is in de old town center of Las Palmas. All shops at Triana and the streets around Triana you can be found in this map.

Zona Triana Map

Las Palmas, Playa de las Canteras

Playa de las canteras is a long beach with a lovely promenade with many restaurants and bars. Can you imagine Sunbathing just on the edge of the center of a big city! The promenade is one of the best places to have a lunch.

Guagua / Bus

In Las Palmas the buscompany is called Guaguas. Guagua (pronounced wua wua) is the old canarian word for some types of busses. But if you would like to ask a canario what time the bus will arrive you probably better use the word "bus".

Sightseeing Las PalmasTake a tour through the town with a half-open double-decker bus. You can among other things stepping up at Parque Santa Catalina. At each stop you can get off and get on another bus again, but you can also just sit around the round. You can produce a nice view of the city.
Sightseeing Las Palmas

Pueblo Canario, Las Palmas

The Pueblo Canario is an architectural complex in the district of City Garden, which consists of a collection of houses inspired by the traditional Canarian architecture. From the bus station San Telmo you walk through the opposite Parque de San Telmo and go to the rear of the park right through the León y Castillo at the Parque Doramas.

District Vegueta in Las Palmas

Las Palmas is divided in 5 districts. The most beautiful area of ​​Las Palmas is Vegueta. From bus station San Telmo right to cross through the park. At the rear of the park turn left through the shopping street Mayor de Triana. At the end of this street cross the busy Carretera del Centro and you are in Vegueta.

Museo Elder, Las Palmas

Science museum in Parque Santa Catalina. More than 4,500 square meters of exhibition halls of Science and Technology.
Parque de Santa Catalina. Open tuesday to sunday 10.00 - 20.00

Cathedral Santa Ana, Las Palmas

Santa Anna CathedralIn the old town center not far from de Triana shopping Area you will find this beautiful cathedral, Santa Ana. It is considered the most important monument of the Canarian architecture.
Plaza de Santa Ana, 13 Opening hours: Sunday from 09: 15-14: 00. Other days from 09: 15-18: 00. Entrance Tower € 1.50. Admission Church € 3.00