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MaspalomasMaspalomas located along the Atlantic Ocean, nestled between Playa del Inglés and Meloneras. It is behind the golf course and near the famous sand dunes. A large area with beautiful sandy beaches.



Name Maspalomas 

Maspalomas means 'more pigeons', but it could also be that it was named after a soldier from Mallorca, Rodrigo Mas de Palomar, or a slave trader, Francisco Palomar, who have settled there. It owes its existence to the tourism, that virtually is the only source of income for the locals. The local population usually lives in San Fernando. The street names in Maspalomas are characterized by names of travel agencies. 

Beach Maspalomas

Maspalomas is very suitable for a nice holiday and has an excellent climate for beach lovers to enjoy the year-round sun, sea and sand. The beach near the dunes is a favorite zone for nudists / naturists and gay men. You need to take this into account when taking a walk on the beach. 

The lighthouse "Faro de Maspalomas"

Maspalomas - Faro MaspalomasMaspalomas is not only known for its beach and dunes, but also by the 65 meter high ancient lighthouse Faro de Maspalomas at the beach. It took 28 years before the building was completed and the light shone for the first time on 1 February 1890. It was the first building on the beach of Maspalomas, surrounded by sand and sea. Today it is surrounded by bathers, shops, promenades and hotels and is probably the most photographed in the whole area. There is a reef in fornt of the lighthouse which is said to be a part of the lost city of Atlantis. 

Shopping Maspalomas

Maspalomas itself does not have many shopping opportunities. There is Faro2 mall but it is a bit on the wane. The best shopping in Meloneras is at the Varadero shopping center. Another option is to go to Vecindario, shopping center Atlantico. 

Holiday World Maspalomas

You can see the 27-meter-high Ferris wheel of Holiday World in Maspalomas from afar, whether it is day or night. The park has a roller coaster, a 'laserdrome' and all kinds of amusement rides. Inside there is a popular bowling alley, an internet café, games rooms, a gym and a spa, two nightclubs and some bars and restaurants. At night it is beautifully lit up. 

Parque del Sur in Maspalomas

Parque del Sur is a large park with a lake for boats, outdoor chess, a big climbing pole, a playground, a restaurant and lots of beautiful palmtrees and flowers. The park can be recognized from afar by the already visible big half circle that serves as a roof over the outdoor theater. Please note that you should not fish or swim in the pond and not football, not roller skate and there are no dogs are allowed. 

Parque Botanico de Maspalomas

The Botanical Park of Maspalomas - with an area of ​​1.2 km2 - is located between Maspalomas Golf Course and the cliff to Playa del Ingles. Because of its location it has a special microclimate and has about 50 different species of plants, ranging from various species of palms from all over the world and various vegetables to medicinal and aromatic plants. Opening hours are from 10: 00-18: 00 pm, except Sundays and holidays. The park is free to visit. 

National park in Maspalomas

Maspalomas Sand dunesMaspalomas consists mostly of low-rise buildings and bungalows and many green areas with tall palm trees and the largest golf course on the island. Maspalomas is separated from Playa del Inglés by the spectacular dunes of 400 hectares, which were designated in 1994 as a national park. You can cross the dunes on foot or by camel, which you will give the illusion of being in another continent. The dunes also provide a habitat for several rare plant species, some of which are found only in the Canary Islands and who know to somehow survive in the arid environment alongside lizards and rabbits. 

El Charco in the lagoon Maspalomas

On the western side of the natural park you will find El Charco, the remains of a seawater lagoon, lined with palm trees. A place where in wintertime migratory birds from Europe come to rest on their route to Africa and a place where many aquatic birds breed. The area around the natural park is called El Oasis. This is a wonderful little oasis with palm trees. Take a walk under the palm trees, the branches of the trees form a roof over your head, giving you a feeling of being in a real oasis of peace.